Q’anjob’al Maya (ISO 639-3: kjb)

         The Q’anjob’al data presented in this archive were originally collected as part of Pedro Mateo Pedro’s doctoral research. Pedro’s research was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (BCS 0515120 and BCS 0613120), UNAM-PAPIIT (IN-401207),The KU Center for Latin American Studies, the Schiefelbusch Child Language Scholarship, and the Tinker Fellowship. All articles that reference the Q’anjob’al data should cite Mateo Pedro’s Masters Thesis:

Mateo Pedro, Pedro. 2005. Acquisition of the Inflectional Morphology in Q’anjob’al. Masters Thesis, The University of Kansas.

and the article:

Pye C., Pfeiler, B., de León, L., Brown, P. & Mateo, P. 2007. Roots or edges?: A comparative study of Mayan children’s early verb forms. In Barbara Pfeiler (ed.), Learning indigenous languages: Child language acquisition in Mesoamerica and in Basque, pp. 15-46. Hannover: Verlag für Ethnologie, Colección Americana X.

Q’anjob’al acquisition data are available for the following children: