Ch’ol Maya (ISO 639-3: cti)

The Ch’ol data presented in this archive were originally collected as part of Clifton Pye’s project Documenting Mayan Language Acquisition, 2005-2009. The research was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (BCS 0515120 and BCS-0613120) and from the General Research Fund of the University of Kansas (GRF-2301063). All articles that reference the Ch’ol data from this archive should cite the following articles:

Pye, C. 2017. The Comparative Method of Language Acquisition Research. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Pye, C., Barbara Pfeiler, Pedro Mateo Pedro and Donald Stengel. 2017. Analysis of Variation in Mayan Child Phonologies. Lingua 198:38-52.


Pye, C., Barbara Pfeiler and Pedro Mateo Pedro. 2017. The acquisition of Mayan languages. In Judith Aissen, Nora England and Roberto Zavala Maldonado (Eds.), The Mayan Languages, pp. 19-42. London: Routledge.

Ch’ol acquisition data are available for the following children: